Lentil Stew or Mesir Wat


2 cups split red lentils

2 medium onions chopped finely

2 tomatoes chopped finely

½ a cup of oil

2 table spoons of spiced clarified butter

2 table spoons salt

2 tea spoons cracked black pepper

3 garlic cloves

4 table spoons Berbere



Wash and soak lentils in Luke warm water

Heat oil in a medium size pot and fry crushed garlic

Add onions and cook till softened and golden brown in color

While on a medium heat sprinkle berbere stirring constantly to avoid mixture forming blobs and cook for 20 minutes adding water to avoid mixture becoming too dry

Drain Lentils and add to the mixture in pot along with enough water just to cover the top of the lentils and simmer until lentils are tender

Salt and pepper for seasoning, along with the 2 table spoons of butter

Dish is ready to be served when little crater like bubbles appear on the top of the sauce




Place folded Injera on a plate and spoon sauce to one side of the plate

Natural yoghurt can also be served on the side to cool the effects of the chili

Lastly use your hands and enjoy